Berline Francois


My humble beginning started in Haiti where I was born. In my early years, after graduating high school, I joined the United States Army. This experience has helped me to develop a strong sense of “duty” and “service”. After my six-year term ended, I began my career in nursing. I later became the recipient of the Lawrence E. Brown leadership award. And as a nurse, a mother and wife, my life’s purpose has always stemmed from knowing I’m making a difference in someone’s life, whether big or small. As the founder and CEO of H.A.F.T, l am empathetic to its mission, caring for the less fortunate. We believe it’s never too late to start making a difference, and I am committed to this cause.


Board of Directors

H.A.F.T'S board of directors provides governance and enabled us to succeed in helping those we are serving.

  • Andre Jean-Francois
    Andre Jean-FrancoisMarking Director
  • Chanceler Laurore
    Chanceler LauroreTreasurer
  • Delano Paul
    Delano PaulCompliance Director
  • Natacha Saint Juste
    Natacha Saint JusteEvent Planner

Join Us As Volunteer

Our core activities revolves around a group of volunteers who share the same compassion and willingness to contribute for the betterment of the society.

  • Cassandra Francois
    Cassandra FrancoisVolunteer
  • Mireille Maquis
    Mireille MaquisVolunteer
    I have always had dreams and aspirations to giving back to Haiti. My goal is to apply my knowledge and work… more
  • Myrna-Nahisha Lyncee
    Myrna-Nahisha LynceeVolunteer
    I’m a Bio-psychology in Premed major at Tufts University (c/o 2018), currently in an Undergraduate research program revolving around the… more
  • Ricardo Francois
    Ricardo FrancoisVolunteer
  • Thamar Eugene
    Thamar EugeneVolunteer
  • Walden St. Juste
    Walden St. JusteVolunteer
  • Walter Jr. Francois
    Walter Jr. FrancoisVolunteer